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Warmth & Wellness 

What could be more reassuring than a steaming mug of tea, a comfortable blanket, and a serene candle? Taking a break from one's hectic schedule is essential, and a gift basket brimming with everything needed to indulge in a moment of self-renewal is the perfect way to encourage someone to do exactly that.


Throw blanket (51x67)
Tease Tea, 3-in-1 tumbler
Tease Tea, self-care elixir
Hilroy, journal + pen 
Retreat Candle Co, CALM candle
Decorative basket
Greeting card
Box token
Custom packaging


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Box Tokens

Each of our gift basket come with a box token made out of Baltic Birch. At Checkout in the notes section, simply let us know what the gift is for and we will create an appropriate token for your special occasion.

Greeting card

Nothing makes a gift more personal than a message written by you! Let us know what you would like written on the greeting card in the note section at Check-out.


We enjoy supporting local and Canadian artisans and take pride in our dedication to providing high-quality products in our gift offerings. However, please note that certain items may occasionally become unavailable with limited notice. In such cases, we reserve the right to substitute the unavailable item with another of equal or greater value in the corresponding class. Rest assured, we ensure the replacement item meets our exceptionally high standards and maintains the same aesthetic appeal as the original.